Thrive Health and Fitness

At THRIVE Health & Fitness, our Clinical Pilates program offers low-impact exercises tailored to your individual needs and supervised by our experienced Remedial Therapist

Pilates is designed to re-align the body, bringing about optimal posture as well as correctly training the muscles responsible for supporting the spine.  Our classes incorporate postural endurance, strength with flexibility and lengthening  of the muscular system, balance, breathing and co-ordination. Through individualised exercise routines, we re-train the body to function efficiently with minimal effort and no tension. You will reshape your body, repair injured body parts and help prevent further injuries occurring.

Pilates is beneficial for all people. In particular, people recovering from injuries that involve the neck, spine and pelvic, office workers who suffer from lower back, neck and shoulder pain and sports people.  An initial consultation is required to ensure that the classes are structured to meet  your specific goals and needs.