Thrive Health and Fitness

Jon from Thrive Health & Fitness is one of the most passionate, experienced and educated therapists in Australia with 10 and thousands of hours of massage performed in private clinical practice to date.

Jon uses Corrective Remedial Massage, a massage technique developed by his mentor that not only treats the injury, but the surrounding supporting structures in a specific sequence, using a wide range of proven methods and topical applications. This re-balances, aligns and supports the neuromuscular and musculoskeletal system which accelerates and promotes healing, ensuring your treatments are not only effective, but long lasting.

Health Fund Rebates are available with most Australian Health Funds.

If you have tried traditional medicine, or other massage and natural therapies, with little or no improvement, then we highly recommend you see Jon for a new experience. Clients and health care professionals are constantly amazed by the effectiveness of our treatments due to our unique and innovative massage and energy healing modalities. We are able to reduce pain, decrease recovery time and increase the effectiveness of our treatments, allowing you space to reconnect to a healthier you.

Thrive can help you create the body you desire!